Sanofi Global Privacy Policy

Our commitment

What you will find in this document

What processing activities does this Policy cover?

SANOFI’s role

Validity and evolution of this Policy

The purposes: SANOFI will always collect your Personal Data for explicit and legitimate purposes

On what ground? SANOFI will always process your Personal Data lawfully

Where does the Personal Data come from? SANOFI will always collect Personal Data from trusted sources

About children Personal Data

Who has access to Personal Data: SANOFI will share your Personal Data only with authorized parties

Where Personal Data may be transferred: SANOFI will ensure that transfers of your Personal Data outside EU are safeguarded

How secure: SANOFI will implement security measures to protect your Personal Data

How long: we will retain your Personal Data for no longer than necessary

Your rights: SANOFI will ensure that you can exercise your rights pertaining to your Personal Data

How to contact us